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The Colony’s Job Description:

Dana Usaha

Want to help build a bigger hive for The Colony? Make sure you join with Dana Usaha Division! We don’t need your nectar from your pocket but we need your spirit, wings, and your heart to harvest more and more nectar together!


Be the representative for The Colony to spread our honey together with humans and bring the joy for all of us! Buzzing around with Sponsorship Division will make it comes true!


You want keep the hive and make The Colony keep productive? Meet Kesekretariatan Division, managers of the hive. They also a good memories recorder totell the world about the glory of The Colony. Wanna be the part of them?


Who don’t like honey? The bees from Konsumsi Division are the best honey makers in The Colony! They know how to look for the best nectar and make the honey for The Colony also the human. Make them feel energized to buzzing together!


Hop-hop-hop! The bees from Logistik Division are truly hard workers! Not because their strong arms or fast legs, the spirit and willingness are their biggest assets as the part of The Colony. Noone can compare them!

Desain dan dokumentasi

Feel artsy enough to join Desain dan Dokumentasi Division? They buzzing around and make sure the hive and The Colony are in their finest look. Even now every flower wants to be visited by The Colonybecause of their irresistable appearance! Snap-snap-snap, they also collecting nectars from their trip to tell everyone how amazing the journey is.Swag!


Buzz-buzz-buzz! Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s a bee from Publikasi Division! They are the one who keep The Colony buzzing in their ears. They left some marks, interact with humans to send the news from The Colony.Surely they are the frontline of The Colony!

Essay Competition

Honey as the one of precious kind of foods need to be developed to continuously bring benefits and joys for all.Essay Competition Division challenges other bees, insects and all living creatures in the world to take contribution to make a better honey!Are you challenging enough?

Celebration & Ceremony (CnC)

“Hooray!” said bees from Celebration & Ceremony Division. Their life is to keep the other bees alive and bring the euphoria for The Colony and the humans. Don’t lie with your hips andbuzz, buzz, buzz!

N101 (Nutrition 101)

The Queenwas hatched new born bees to take responsibility in Nutrition 101 Division. They take rolein spread the honey in a new interesting and hippest wayso all creatures knowabout the honey. Help them to create historiesin The Colony!

Nutritionist Wannabe

Being humble and helpful is the characteristics of Nutritionist Wannabe Division. Not everyone know about the honey so they decided to low their wings and tell them how precious the honey are. You want to help them also, don’t you?

Poster & Photography Competition

Eyes are both beautiful and dangerouspart of human body. They ignite thoughts and perceptionsabout something. Bees from Poster & Photography Competition Division don’t want humans have bad things in their mind about the honey. So they decided to challenges everyone who know about the truths of honey to bring the purity and beauty of honey it self to the world. Nice job, huh?

Seminar Gizi Nasional

Prepare the sacred ritual from The Colony with Seminar Gizi Nasional Division. They invite important bees all around the world to discuss about the honey and the humans. They have a great attitude and work in excellence. Ready to serve the royals?

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